Medium Afghani Rug – Hand Knotted Herati Bukhara

290.00 BHD

  • Medium Size – Area Rug
  • Herati Bukhara Rug
  • Hand-knotted Afghani Rug
  • 100% Wool
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Shade: Various shades of deep red, black, saffron & white
  • Size: 177cm x 130cm
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This beauty is an Afghani hand-knotted medium size Herati Bukhara rug.

These traditional rugs are 100% wool and the dyes used are 100% natural, no chemicals what-so-ever are used, the dyes used are extracted from spices, natural stones and fruit, for example the orange shade is extracted from saffron, the reds are extracted from pomegranates. These hand-knotted area rugs are extremely hard wearing. We have no doubt you will cherish this rug for life. The colours are deep shades of red, saffron, black and white, the central portion has repeating geometric tribal patterns, the border is wide and intricate.

These Herati rugs are made mostly by the females of the clan and it is evident that these ladies are highly skilled. Each rug takes approximately 6 to 8 months to hand knot. The rug size is medium, 177cm x 130cm. Rugs from Afghanistan and Iran are usually identified by the region where it is made and by the family or clan who produced the rug.

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