Large Afghani Rug – Biljik

980.00 BHD

  • Biljik Rug
  • Hand Knotted in Afghanistan
  • Shade: Luxurious Red, Navy & White
  • Tribal Geometric Pattern
  • Size Large: 300cm x 400cm
  • 100% Wool
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This luxurious rug is handmade in Afghanistan. This rug is a Biljik rug with deep red shades, it is almost cerise in colour. The pattern is a typical geometric repeating design which is synonymous with Biljik rugs. The geometric pattern is navy, this luxurious rug looks as if it is almost silk, as it has a beautiful finish which lends to a strong sheen finish. The rug if viewed from different sources of light can appear dark or light. This is truly a magnificent rug and an outstanding example of a Biljik rug. This rug could transform and elevate any room.

Biljik rugs are best known for their deep shades of red, blue and black. These incredible rugs from Afghanistan are hand knotted and the patterns are based on geometric tribal patterns. These special area rugs are hand-knotted mostly by women in small villages in Afghanistan. The dyes used are 100% natural, no chemicals what-so-ever are used. This art form should be cherished, these Biljik rugs depending on the size, can take 6 months or longer to weave/knot.  The wool used is normally taken from the belly of the sheep when sheared, as only the softest wool is used. The shade is a luxurious red. The size of this rug is large 300cm x 400cm.

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