Pearl & Gold Necklace – Modern Design

118.00 BHD

  • Gold & Pearl Necklace
  • Bahraini Pearls – Creamy White Shade
  • Stacked Bahraini Pearls in the central portion of the necklace
  • Pearl Weight: 1.65 carats
  • Gold Weight: 1.160 grams
  • Made in 21K Gold (can be made in 18K if preferred)
  • Made in Bahrain
  • Free Delivery in Bahrain
  • For our international customers: simply Contact Us and we will provide you with the most cost effective shipping rates on the day

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

This pretty handcrafted pearl necklace is a modern design with simple elegance in mind, the gold chain necklace is made with 21K gold and a stack of Bahraini pearls are positioned on the central portion of the necklace. This modern style necklace, contains Bahraini pearls with a combined weight of 1.65 carats of pearls. The gold necklace contains 1.160 grams of gold. If 21K gold is not your preference, we can create this for you in 18K gold if you so wish.

Pearls from Bahrain are renowned as some of the best in the world and for good reason. Bahraini pearls are prized for their purity, brilliance, lustre and range of colours. The quality of Bahraini pearls cannot be matched, it is thought that the clarity and range of colours are due to the fact that the oyster beds are located near to underwater sweet water springs.

If this item is out of stock, don’t worry as you can place a backorder if you so wish. Back orders take us approx. 6 to 7 working days to create as each piece is handmade and made in-house.

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