Why we require your Identification for Fine Jewellery purchases

We hope you are enjoying our site so far. You may be wondering why your identification is required to purchase Fine Jewellery in Bahrain, please allow us this opportunity to explain. 

All Fine Jewellery shops in Bahrain whether physical or on-line are legally required to obtain customer identification in order to eliminate any possible money laundering transactions. Fine Jewellery in Bahrain is of exceptional quality, craftsmanship and is superb value for money, therefore these items need to be protected and monitored to avoid any money laundering transactions. 

Some of our pieces contain precious and rare gemstones as well as locally sourced Natural Pearls which are world renowned. Bahrain Natural Pearls are some of the best quality in the world and are recognised for their brilliance, lustre and range in colour.  Our fine jewellery is exceptional value for money, therefore these items can be resold for a higher value and easily converted to cash, hence the need to strictly monitor transactions. Bahrain goldsmiths supply many jewellery vendors in the Gulf region with luxury high-end jewellery, now you can also buy directly from the source. 

ID requirements are as follows: 

  • Customers within Bahrain – we accept a CPR copy or a Passport Copy.
  • Customers outside of Bahrain – we accept a National Identity Card (drivers license not permitted) or a Passport Copy.  
  • The name on the National Identify Card or Passport must match the purchasers credit card details. All copies must be clear and legible. 

As the sale of Fine Jewellery is monitored, our customers can be assured and guaranteed that they are buying luxury high-end products. All Fine Jewellery products are also 100% traceable.

Please note, Identification is only required for products that contain, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gemstones and Pearls. We will email you to request a copy of your ID after your purchase. Your ID is not required for any other items except Fine Jewellery. 

We sincerely thank you for taking the time out to read this. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to  Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Bahrain Oyster with Pearl