Large Vintage Qashqai Rug – Persian

800.00 BHD

  • Large Vintage Qashqai Rug
  • Vintage Persian Rug
  • Size: Large Area Rug
  • Circa: 1920
  • 100% Wool with Silk Touches
  • Hand-Knotted
  • Origin: Iran
  • Made by the Kargar Family
  • Shade: Deep Tan, Cream, Navy, Light blue, Turquoise
  • Size: 312cm x 190cm
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This soft and luxurious rug is a vintage Persian rug, the style of rug is a Qashqai Rug. The rug is made from wool with touches of silk throughout. The colours are deep, the central medallion is dark navy. The border is wide and contains various colours and symbolic elements. Qashqai rugs are renowned for their intricate designs and very warm shades of red, maroon and ivory. This striking vintage rug is warm with deep shades of navy, cream, turquoise, light blue, maroon and hints of grey. This is a large vintage Persian rug and the size is 312cm x 190cm. This unique, incredible rug is handwoven and is over 100 years old.

Diamond medallions which are synonymous with Qashqai rugs, feature heavily in the central panel of this rug.  The dyes used are 100% natural using time-old traditions, no chemicals what-so-ever are used in the process. The colours are extremely warm and welcoming. This wonderful rug would transform any room.

A few facts regarding Qashqai Rugs – how can you identify a Qashqai rug? Firstly you will notice the colour, the natural dyes are very rich and warm. The colour tones used are normally various shades of brown, ivory and red, the designs used are normally repeating geometric patterns. These Qashqai rugs are made most often by females. The Qashqai women are known for their colourful attire and the tribe is semi nomadic. Qashqai rugs are highly sought after and for good reason.

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