Large Persian Silk & Cotton Blended Rug

700.00 BHD

  • 100% Silk & Cotton Blend
  • Origin – Iran
  • Shades: Light Blue, hints of peach, cream, white, black, maroon, jade and yellow
  • Pattern: Highly decorative medallion with tiny floral details and vines and a wide border
  • Size: 400cm x 300cm
  • Machine Made
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Revel in the allure of this Persian Silk and Cotton Luxurious Rug. This incredible large rug hails from Iran and is made by machine with a blend of silk and cotton marrying silk’s sheen with cotton’s durability. It has a 1200 knot count. Iranian rugs are considered as some of the best in the world for very good reason.

These rugs breathe life into any space, casting a spell of luxury and sophistication. A stunning convergence of tradition, comfort, and elegance.

Made with the finest silk threads and soft cotton, this oriental rug is a delicate light blue with hints of peach, cream, white, black and maroon, the pattern is a central medallion which is highly detailed with tiny florals and vines and the border is wide.

This incredible silk and cotton piece marries art with functionality and is 400cm x 300cm.

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