Antique Persian Rug – Caucasian Shirvan Tribal Rug

780.00 BHD

  • Antique Persian Rug
  • 100% Wool – Kilim Work
  • Origin: Shirvan, Iran
  • Shade: Various shades of mustard, brown, red, white, navy, maroon
  • Tribal Pattern
  • Size: 294cm x 210cm
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This amazing antique rug is a Shirvan Tribal Rug, it is over 100 years old and still remains in pristine condition. The patterns are synonymous to the indigenous people from Shirvan city. This antique Persian Rug has tribal patterns consisting of stars, octagon-shaped motifs and horizontal lines in mustard, white, deep red, blue, navy and maroon. These rugs are handmade and the weave is extremely tight and hard wearing. These rugs were produced to an extremely high standard. The domineering colours are browns, mustard and red. Considering only natural dyes were used, the colours still remain vibrant to this day. Antique Rugs from Iran are highly sought and for good reason. This rug is 100% Wool.

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