Afghani – Silk & Wool Qashqai Runner Rug

850.00 BHD

  • Qashqai Rug
  • Origin: Northern Afghanistan
  • Hand-Knotted and Hand-Dyed
  • Shade: Navy, Turquoise, Maroon & Cream
  • Tribal Geometric Pattern
  • Size: Long Runner Rug – 304cm x 91cm
  • Silk and Wool Mix
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This traditional tribal Qashqai rug was handmade in Afghanistan and is a combination of silk and wool. The dyes used to create this handwoven rug are 100% natural, the shades are navy, turquoise, saffron, maroon and cream. The pattern is synonymous with Qashqai tribal rugs and is a repeating geometric pattern. This is a long and vibrant rug, the rug is 304cm by 91cm.

What is a Qashqai rug? These rugs are created by hand, these traditions are passed from generation to generation. The dyes used are derived from nature and natural stones, no chemicals what-so-ever are used. Qashqai rugs are often copied, however, Qashqai rugs originate from Iran and Northern Afghanistan and are completely made by hand and dyed using natural dyes only. Created mostly by the females of the clan, these very talented ladies create these patterns from memory. These rugs are sometimes made from wool only and the more luxurious rugs contain a combination of wool and silk. These handwoven rugs, depending on the size can take from 6 months to 2 years to create. This wonderful craft should be cherished and preserved.

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