Tall Hand-Painted Ceramic Water Jug

60.00 BHD

  • Tall/Long Traditional Water Jug
  • Hand-Carved & Hand-Painted
  • Colour: Base – Matte Cream
  • Painted by a Local Henna Artist
  • Swirls in gold, lilac, blue and purple
  • Size: Height: 22 inches – Width: 36 inches
  • Handmade in Bahrain
  • Free Delivery in Bahrain

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This tall traditional decorative water jug is handmade. This item is long and sleek. The base colour is matte cream and is also hand-painted in vibrant shades of lilac, gold, blue and purple, the additional artwork was designed and created by a local henna artist. The hand-painted detail consists of swirls in various shades which offset nicely against the matte cream base. Rotate the long decorative water jug to display various elements of the design. Each pottery piece made in Bahrain is created using traditional methods. Brighten up any corner with this large, unique, decorative piece.




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