Custom Made Pottery with Arabic Calligraphy

38.00 BHD

  • Personalised Pottery with Arabic Calligraphy
  • Selection of Pottery Shapes Available
  • Provide us with your 3 desired words
  • We will scribe in Arabic Calligraphy & Hand-paint in colourful layers
  • The examples displayed contain our Customers name and the words Love & Peace
  • Height of Vase 33cm
  • Vases Displayed are Matte Black and Matte Cream
  • Handmade in Bahrain
  • Free Delivery in Bahrain
  • To place your order simply, Contact Us and we will provide you with a variety of shapes to choose from

For our international customers: simply, Contact Us and we will provide you with the most cost effective shipping rates on the day

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

We have something a little special to offer our customers, these vases are personalised with Arabic Calligraphy. The examples displayed are matte black and matte cream pottery vases. The Arabic Calligraphy on the examples displayed translates to our customers name and the words love and peace. The vase is 33cm in length. We have a number of pottery shapes available.

To order simply, Contact Us we will provide you with a selection of pottery shapes to choose from, provide us with your three required words and we will hand-paint in colorful Arabic Calligraphy. Please note, these personalised pots or vases take us three weeks to produce. Three weeks is required in order for us to make the pottery, fire it and hand-paint the calligraphy in layers. Each layer needs to dry before we add the next layer. This item would make a lovely personalised piece of pottery for your home, gift for a loved one or as a corporate gift. Pottery made in Bahrain is created using traditional methods, the hand-painted calligraphy is completely scribed and painted by hand.





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