Large Afghani Rug – Meronous

900.00 BHD

  • Large Afghani Rug
  • Produced by the Meronous Family
  • Hand-knotted
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Shade: Light Blue, Turquoise, Red, Cream, Maroon & Jade Green
  • Intricate Floral Patterns
  • Size: 300cm x 200cm
  • 100% Merino Wool
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This large luxurious rug was hand-knotted in Afghanistan and was made by the renowned Meronous family in Afghanistan. This large area rug is 300cm x 200cm and is made with 100% wool.

Afghani rugs are considered some of the best quality in the world and are known for their intricate designs, bold patterns and use of natural dyes. These patterns are various flowers which are indigenous to Afghanistan, the central portion of the rug contains a large circular motif.

The dyes used are 100% natural, no chemicals what-so-ever are used. This art form should be cherished, these Meronous rugs depending on the size, can take 8 to 12 months or longer to hand knot.  The wool used is normally taken from the belly of the sheep when sheared, as only the softest wool is used. The pretty colours used are light blue, turquoise, red, cream, maroon and jade green.

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