Ear Cuff with matching Ear Climber

6.50 BHD

  • Ear Cuff Set
  • Ear Climber – Linear Double Line Design
  • No Piercing Necessary for Cuff
  • Sold as set of 2 (one cuff & one ear climber)
  • Length of ear climber (2cm)

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This on trend ear cuff and matching ear climber combo makes for a visually striking fashion accessory. The ear cuff does not require a piercing. These items are gold in colour. The matching double line earring is a climber earring and is 2cm in length and slightly curved. To wear the ear climber, insert as normal and turn sideways. Wear a plain gold stud on the opposite ear and you have the look. These items are sold together as a set (one cuff and one ear climber).




SKU: SD147


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