Afghani Agate & Jade Necklace

26.50 BHD

  • Afghani Agate Necklace
  • Multiple Shade of Agate
  • Contains Afghani Jade
  • Large central Agate Stone
  • Finishes with 3 Additional Agate Drops
  • Made in Afghanistan
  • Length: 14 Inches
  • Free Delivery in Bahrain

Availability: In stock

This colourful necklace is made from several varieties of agate and jade which originate from Afghanistan. The agate stones graduate in size and the large central stone is an amber agate. The shades of agate used in this unique piece are light pink, cream, amber, purple, grey, navy and for an added bit of luxury jade. This unique necklace finishes with three drops, each also containing agate and jade.

Jewellery from Afghanistan is highly prized for very good reason. Semi precious agate stones come in a multitude of colours from Afghanistan. The natural jade is light green. Please note we have very limited stock on this unique piece.

A little fact: Afghani Jade is prized for its’ healing properties.

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